We did it -- times 4 !!!

In the end, 4,905 of you backed the Kickstarter project. You pledged a combined $326,593. You made it the No. 3 most-funded music project in Kickstarter’s history — and the No. 1 most-funded Kickstarter music project among musicians who have never been affiliated with a label. But most of all, you made it 100 percent clear to the world that united, we will make our voices heard. We will spread our message of love and inclusion to an even wider audience. And yes, as you said, we will change the world one song at a time. What can I possibly say that sums up my feelings at this moment?!?!?!? I’m overwhelmed. Grateful beyond measure. Truly moved by what you’ve done. But instead of struggling to come up with my own words, I’d rather quote some of YOUR words. I was so moved by your comments that we created a poster that celebrates the spirit of this Kickstarter campaign — YOUR spirit — by capturing the beautiful ways YOU described YOUR vision of what we can achieve together. Nobody says it like GrandFam. And to quote one of you who said it so eloquently, “United we can. United we DID!” Stay tuned, GrandFam. You’ve given me all the motivation I need to work my heart out for you. Nothing is more important to me than honoring the trust and love you’ve placed in me to tell honest stories, OUR stories, and to make a great album. I can’t wait to see you on tour later this year and give every one of you a giant hug. I love you! Steve