03.27.19 - Steve Grand Releases 'Disciple' Music Video

Steve Grand Releases New Music Video – “Disciple” 

March 27, 2019

Steve Grand is releasing his latest Official Music Video, “Disciple,” one of the most heartfelt and powerful songs on his new album.  It will be released on March 27ththrough his own label, Grand Nation LLC, featured on Pride.com for 24 hours and on his social media channels.  It will be also be available for streaming on YouTube and for purchase through his website store.

Last July, Grand released his sophomore album, not the end of me, to critical acclaim.  It reached #2 on the iTunes Pop Chart, and #10 on Billboard’s Independent Album chart.  He wrote and co-directed the dark new video which showcases a destructive internal battle and a relationship on the brink of destruction.

Steve says of the song and video “I wrote ‘Disciple’ at the apex of a lot of difficult things in my life happening all at once. I was really trying to work through a lot of the hurt, pain, and self-hatred that had lingered from my childhood and I was navigating a crumbling relationship that had meant the world to me. In a lot of ways, our crumbling relationship was a casualty of the war I was having between my darker, self-destructive side, and an emerging goodness that my partner had worked so hard to nurture.”

Over the past year, Grand has been touring across the country and world, and is continuing to hit the Pride circuit and play concerts across the country.   

With over 20 million views on YouTube, a #3 and #10 album on The Billboard Independent Album charts, and one of the most successful music Kickstarter campaigns ever under his belt, Grand has not just broken the rules, but has changed the game in how to be a successful singer-songwriter in this era.

not the end of me is available on Steve Grand’s website, at all live shows, and across all digital download and streaming platforms. (iTunesApple MusicSpotifyGoogle Play

Management / Press Request: Alana Mulford– Brian Doyle Entertainment

Booking Contact: Linda Lewis– Left of Center Productions

Video Credits:                                                  

Written, and co-directed by: Steve Grand

filmed, edited, co-directed by: Arno Diem

assistant producers: Frank Vasello, & Nathan Butera

Make-up: Chad Hayduk

Production Assistant, B-Roll: Zack Zerbe & David Cox


Tom (romantic lead): Tom Ernsting

Steve's body double: Reid Sinclair

Police officers:  Frank Vasello, Michael Soldier

Special thanks to: Zack Zerbe, Tony Valentino

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