Thanks to social media and other technologies, artists and fans can have a much closer relationship than in the past…and it’s no longer necessary to sign your life away to a major record label, in order to get your music heard!  I’ve chosen to build my own team and create my own “record label” called, “Grand Nation.”  We’re still small, and we can’t always respond to everyone as quickly as a big company would, so please be patient with us.  (Thank you!)  Here’s a list of contacts to the people on my team who can help you…

General Inquiries:

Booking Agent:  LGBT events: Linda Lewis (856)778-3081 or (609)792-6611 /

All other events: Brian Doyle Entertainment: &

Management:  Brian Doyle Entertainment - 646-674-1500 / copy

Legal Affairs:  Lommen Abdo Law Firm - Bob Donnelly Esq.- (212)683 8775 -

Master Use/Synchronization Licenses:  Modern Works Music Publishing

Steve Grand Store:

I'm always looking for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Videographers and other Creatives.  Reach out and send some sample work to: / copy

Physical Mailing Address:

I do my best to read the mail I get, but I can make no guarantees that I get through it all or that I will respond.  I really don't need any more 'stuff' (I am a recovering hoarder ;) ). If you really want to do something nice for me, come to a show and say 'hi' afterwards. Buy a merch item. Share my music with your friends. Make a donation to  Those are all things that mean a tremendous deal to me!

Steve Grand

P.O Box 129
Lemont, Il

Thank you for your love and support!


P.S. Occasionally someone asks me if s/he can still support my Kickstarter campaign.  Although the campaign is officially closed, you can still support the "All-American Boy" album by sending a check to the P.O Box above, or via PayPal to: